TTP “Buddies”

If you have TTP or have just been diagnosed with the condition you may want to talk to someone about how your treatment is going and how they cope with the disorder as they may be many years post first diagnosis.

Alternatively you may just want to talk to someone who can identify with your rare condition so you don?t have a sense of being isolated. ?Perhaps you were diagnosed a few years ago and now want to speak to someone who understands what it is like living with TTP and perhaps facing regular treatment. ?Each TTP patient has different needs and sometimes different treatment but the underlying issues are still the same.

Ideally your TTP buddy would be located close to where you live or where you have treatment so if you feel like you both want to meet for a coffee it would be possible, however, as TTP is a rare condition the chances are it would be someone you could speak with on the phone, email or text as and when it suits both of you.

If you would like to be put in touch with a TTP buddy please complete the details below and we will do our best to match you with someone suitable. ?Please do remember that TTP buddies are volunteers, most of whom?have no formal counselling or medical training but do have the same medical condition as you and can identify with what you are going through. ?TTPNetwork takes no responsibility for issues that are discussed between a patient and their buddy.

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